Creating a Duct Elevation Tag - Part Two

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In our last post we looked at creating the calculations necessary to create a bottom of duct (BOD) elevation tag.  In this post we are going to create the actual tag.  We will create multiple versions of the tag that has a middle-left insertion point, middle-center insertion point, and a version with a middle-right insertion point.  So lets get started.

The first thing that we need to do is create an mtext item to start our tag with.  In order for the tag to display correctly with annotation scaling we need to create the text at 1″ tall and with annotation scaling turned OFF.  This will insure that the tag will display correctly at all annotation scales.  The tag itself will control the annotation scaling process so creating the text with annotation turn on will only compound the scaling.  This is something that we do not want.  Once we have added an mtext item we need to duplicate it for a total of 3 items and then set the justification for each of the three mtext items.  One each for Middle-Left, Middle-Center, and Middle-Right.



Select the text with the Middle-Left justification and start the DEFINETAG command.  This will bring up the Define Schedule Tag dialog box.  Lets name our tag Aecb_Duct_BOD_Tag_Left.  I like to create a naming scheme that is easy to follow.  Looking at the tag we can see that it is a building systems tag for duct that defines the bottom of duct elevation and its insertion point is Left.  A good naming scheme will allow you to select the correct tag using the property palette without referring to any additional documentation.  Now that we have the Define Schedule Tag dialog up and named correctly we can create the tag.  To do this select the Text in the Type column and change it to Property.  This will allow our tag to read from a property definition instead of reading a static piece of text.  Change the Property Set to ECDuctCustomData and choose the Property Definition to be BOD_Tag and then hit OK.  We should now define the insertion point of the tag by selecting the insertion point of the text.  Lets rinse and repeat for the Center tag and the Right tag making sure to change the name to reflect the justification of the tag.

Here is a video of the entire process.


In the next part of the series we will look at adding an option to show the bottom of insulation.

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