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Mass Element Elevation in a Property Set

Mass Element Elevation in a Property Set


Recently a question was asked on the AutoCAD MEP forums about how to put the elevation of a Mass Element in a property set definition when neither the location or the elevation was available as an automatic property.  You can view the original post here.  Since this was very similar to a post that was covered previously on this blog it was an easy solution.  First I created a new property set definition that referenced a mass element and then added the automatic property definition OBJECTID.  Once that was complete I created a new formula definition and added the following code.  Make sure to replace the [OBJECTID] in the code below with a reference to the automatic property!


[frame bgcolor=”#DDDDDD” version=”light”]
On Error Resume Next
DecimalPlaces = 8
Set acadApp = GetObject(,"AutoCAD.Application") 

'ACADVER values:
'MEP 2010 = "18.0s (LMS Tech)" 
'MEP 2011 = "18.1s (LMS Tech)"
'MEP 2012 = "18.2s (LMS Tech)"
'MEP 2013 = "19.0s (LMS Tech)" 
'MEP 2014 = "19.1s (LMS Tech)" 
'MEP 2015 = "20.0s (LMS Tech)" 

acadVerString = acadApp.ActiveDocument.GetVariable("ACADVER")

'Set ACA application string, based on version running: 
Select Case acadVerString 

	Case "18.0s (LMS Tech)"  'MEP-2010 
		aecBaseVer = "AecX.AecBaseApplication.6.0" 

	Case "18.1s (LMS Tech)"  'MEP-2011 
		aecBaseVer = "AecX.AecBaseApplication.6.5" 

	Case "18.2s (LMS Tech)"  'MEP-2012 
		aecBaseVer = "AecX.AecBaseApplication.6.7"

	Case "19.0s (LMS Tech)"  'MEP-2013 
		aecBaseVer = "AecX.AecBaseApplication.7.0"

	Case "19.1s (LMS Tech)"  'MEP-2014 
		aecBaseVer = "AecX.AecBaseApplication.7.5"

	Case "20.0s (LMS Tech)"  'MEP-2015 
		aecBaseVer = "AecX.AecBaseApplication.7.7"

	Case Else 
		aecBaseVer = "Unknown" 

End Select 

If aecBaseVer = "Unknown" Then 
	RESULT = "Unknown Version"
	Set aecBase = acadApp.GetInterfaceObject(aecBaseVer)
	aecBase.Init acadApp
	Set MassElementObject = acadApp.ActiveDocument.ObjectIDToObject([ObjectID])
	Set UtilityObject = aecBase.ActiveDocument.Utility

	' Get the Normal of the Object and break down into individual X, Y, and Z parts
	MassElementObjectNormal = UtilityObject.ConvertToVariantArray(MassElementObject.Location)
	NormalX = Round(MassElementObjectNormal(0), DecimalPlaces)
	NormalY = Round(MassElementObjectNormal(1), DecimalPlaces)
	NormalZ = Round(MassElementObjectNormal(2), DecimalPlaces)

	'Return the results
       RESULT = Cdbl(NormalZ)

End If


Download Sample Drawing